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120 tablets (260mg of chaga in each tablet) 30 serving ¥12,000



No.1 Alaska Dr. Chaga

Natural Chaga from isolated regions of Alaska
Vitality of the life nurtured in extreme cold weather
Made by selected pure fresh chaga, it is naturally grown on the birch tree in the Alaskan interior.

[Directions] 4 tablets daily. Take 2 tablets in the morning and afternoon.

120 tablets (260mg of chaga in each tablet) 30 serving

Chaga, Gelatin, Calcium stearate, Fine silicon dioxide, caramel coloring

[Supplement Fact]
Serving size 4 tablet (1472mg)

The black mass of mushrooms grow on the birch tree in uncontaminated soil in Alaska which is known as “Chaga”.

Chaga grows on wild birch trees which utilizes the tree’s sap as a nutrient by taking 10 years to grow. The vitality of the chaga is as strong as it dries up the tree, and the chaga is full of nutrients, such as minerals, lignin, beta-glucan, etc. Chaga is sufficient not only as a daily supplement but also for decreasing stress from physical and environmental stressors. Recently, some medical societies have started a research about the effects of chaga. Research found that chaga contains large quantities of various substances that boosts our immune system.

The Alaskan Chaga Project

This project was started in a small village in Alaska where the aurora can be viewed frequently. We hand pick the chaga from the birch trees grown in Alaska where it becomes colder than – 30°C (- 22°F) during the winter. Our chaga is tested for a total of 106 pesticide residues, radioactive contamination, and heavy metal limit test.

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