No. 2 Dr. Honey [Enzyme]

No. 2 Dr. Honey [Enzyme]

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5g x 30 sticks (30 servings) ¥12,960



Alaska Dr.Honey No.02 ENZAYME

Alaskan bee pollen and chaga was added to the aurora honey and aged for 6 months. It removes excess active enzymes in the body and supplements living enzymes.

5g x 30 sticks (30 servings)

Honey, Bee pollen, Chaga (made in Alaska, USA)

[Directions] Orally intake 1 stick daily. *Do not feed this to an infant younger than an age of 1.



What is Doctor Honey?
Doctor honey is a natural supplemental honey harvested in rural Alaska where its winter is severe yet magnificent. It is harvested and aged in Alaska by using ingredients only from Alaska. All ingredients were tested for pesticides residue, radioactive contamination, and heavy metal limit test.

Natural ingredient in the Honey [Enzyme]
Bee Pollen
Bee pollen is bee’s dietary food made with the pollen they collected from the plant and the enzyme from their saliva. It is a very important nutrient for the queen bee to survive through the severe winter. It is full of nutrients and used to make royal jelly.

The black mass of mushroom grown on birch trees in uncontaminated soil in Alaska which is known as “Chaga” which has antioxidative effects and it is sufficient as a daily supplement to promote the immune system and maintaining daily health as well as decreasing stress from physical and environmental stressors.

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