Quyana Facial Soap

Quyana Facial Soap

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90g ¥2,970


Embrace the Alaskan Lifestyle
All-natural soap for sensitive skin


Made by only natural ingredients
QUYNA X Sayaka Oka
Collaboration product with fashion model Sayaka Oka
Just like we care about our dietary health, we should take the same approach for our skin and the skin care products that we use. This facial soap is made with all-natural Alaskan ingredients; nothing more and nothing less. All the ingredients are mixed just right to gently exfoliate and moisturize, leaving the skin refreshingly clear, soft and glowing with vitality.

“The secret of Natural Beauty”
3 Natural Alaskan Moisturizing Ingredient

Glacier Water
Pure, clear glacier water detoxifies the skin.
Alaskan raw honey “Aurora honey”
Pure honey protects the moisturized skin.
Osmotic collagen & Hydrolyzed collagen
Collagens originated in Alaska and help make a
foundation for skin care health.

5 Principles of Healthy Beauty
*Formulated with only natural ingratiate to prevent skin irritation.
1.Synthetic preservatives FREE
2.Petroleum-based surfactant FREE
3.Antioxidant FREE
4.Mineral oil FREE
5.Artificial scents and dye FREE

[Internal capacity]

Sekken-Na/K, Water, Olive fruit oil, Honey, Glycerin, Orange oil, Sodium chloride, Lavender oil, BG, Clove leaf oil, Fennel fruit oil, Yuzu fruit extract, Lemon fruit extract, Loquat leaf extract, Calendula officinalis flower extract, Tropaeolum majus flower extract, Citrus unshiu peel extract, Gunjo flower, Activated charcoal, Silica

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